About Us

For many years, the United States has had serial killers, the Mob, and terrorism. These provoke events that paralyze not only the country, but also sometimes the whole world. Many of these widely known cases have motivated the creation of the largest investigation agencies in the world. The components that are common factors in solving these cases are knowledge and forensic sciences. This perfect combination has been responsible for resolving crimes, finding guilty parties, and delivering peace of mind to victims and their families.

The constant development of forensic sciences in the United States has generated the necessity of permanent knowledge actualization, not only for the people daily involved in forensic science, but also all the people in the criminal investigation chain. The current need for updating knowledge has crossed the borders of the United States and touches non-English speaking countries which are behind in forensic matters. This phenomenon is what motivated the foundation of True Forensic Science.

True Forensic Science is an American company. We seek to provide the most actualized knowledge in the forensic field, opening the boundaries not only to specialized scientists but also to all people. These include police officers, forensic scientists, attorneys and judges, among others. Our team is composed of remarkable specialists, Masters and PhDs, who are experts in different areas of forensic sciences. Their experience includes: Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Anthropology and Microanthropology, Medicolegal Death Investigation, and Forensic Taphonomy, among others. All our instructors are highly trained and have vast experience in the subjects they teach; many of them are active with different universities and agencies in the United States.

At True Forensic Science, our main goal is to help all people interested in forensics with access to the latest advances in the forensic field. This is the reason that True Forensic Science created an Academy (TFS Academy, USA) that offers online training, as well as, seminars and workshops translated into different languages. Our training provides the latest techniques and knowledge used not only in the United States but also throughout the world.