Forensic Anthropology Online Course – Just for August USD$100 ONLY!

BEGINS: September 10th, 2018

TERM: 6 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: This 36-hours course provides a review of the subfield of forensic anthropology. The class will present the primary tasks of a forensic anthropologist, as well as present standard methods used in the lab and field. By applying the concepts and methods from physical anthropology, forensic anthropologists are able to assist with in human identification. Some of the topics cover

ADDRESSED TO: This course will provide a knowledge base for those employed as Medical Examiner’s Investigator (MEI), Forensic Pathologists, Coroner’s Investigator, law enforcement professional related and/or individuals who, due to his/her daily labor, can become first responders to the scene of a death. This course includes fundamental information needed for these professionals to assess if they require an archaeological recovery of a crime scene, as well as if a forensic anthropologist’s skillset would be helpful in the instance of the discovery of skeletal remains.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES – This course will provide you with the ability to:

*Identify the methods used in the different aspects of the biological profile, including sex, age, ancestry, and stature

*Be able to identify the steps of an archaeological scene recovery, and what methods are appropriate

*Demonstrate a basic knowledge of skeletal traumatic injuries, and what the forensic anthropologist can glean from bone

*Demonstrate a basic anatomical knowledge of the human skeleton, and how to distinguish human versus non-human bone


Lesson 1: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology and the Human Skeleton; Medicolegal Significance, Skeletal Examination and Documentation Methods

Lesson 2: Forensic Archeology; Skeletal Processing & Preparation; Sex Determination

Lesson 3: Age Estimation

Lesson 4: Ancestry Estimation; Variation and Stature

Lesson 5: Individual Skeletal Variation; Pathology; Skeletal Trauma

Lesson 6: Course Summary

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