Forensic Consulting

Criminal investigations are processes that involve analysis of the facts and evidence to track down and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. This process includes several steps and procedures sometimes difficult to understand not only for people not involved in the legal environment, but also even for those involved. This especially true in modern-day criminal investigations where advanced technology and a broad spectrum of knowledge can help to solve cases but can also make for more complication and difficulty managing.

Therefore, True Forensic Science’s goal is to provide the necessary insights and knowledge to support our clients’ litigation activities, identify critical elements that can provide extra information for the best resolution of the case in dispute. We want to help clients to better understand the process of a criminal investigation by putting at their disposal our experts’ vast experience in the forensic field.

True Forensic Science offers consulting services to private individuals, as well as to attorneys (prosecutors and defenders), judges, government agencies, private companies and any other person/entity is involved in future or ongoing litigation. We strive to provide the necessary orientation to carry out criminal investigations in the most accurate way.

Due to the variety of our experts, True Forensic Science is in a position to offer forensic consulting services not only in English but also in Spanish, which distinguishes True Forensic Science from other consulting firms.