Movie & TV Show Forensic Orientation

Our forensic experts possess the capacity to provide forensic orientation to movies and TV show directors and producers, by helping them to achieve high quality and excellence in their cinematographic products.

True Forensic Science offers a wide range of forensic consulting services to the motion picture and television industries. We can provide expert forensic advice during script development, on-set, and in post-production to ensure authenticity of all forensic-related segments. Our experts can provide orientation in several areas of forensic science, such as crime scene reconstructions, bloodstain patterns, forensic entomology, and firearms analysis among others.

Along with forensic orientation, True Forensic Science can help film directors and producers acquire forensic equipment and technology necessary to give their productions as much realism as possible.

True Forensic Science works with experts with vast experience in today’s forensic sciences. They know the technologies and techniques that forensic laboratories currently employ around the world. This will impregnate cinematographic productions with realism and make them more attractive to the audience.