TFS Academy – Online Training

True Forensic Science has a virtual academy (TFS Academy) that offers actualized training in several areas of Forensic Science, with experienced and certified instructors. All our courses are in English, Spanish and/or subtitled Eng/Span, which gives scientists and professionals all around the world access to the knowledge of the latest techniques and developments in the Forensic field.

The main objective of our training is the offer not only advance, but also basic knowledge related to different areas of Forensic Sciences. Our training provides the possibility of acquiring this knowledge directly from experts in the Forensic field who currently work at different Universities and Agencies in the United States. Further, our experts are part of important international forensic associations such as The American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) and The International Association for Identification (IAI), which accredit their expertise in the subjects they teach. Our training is an essential and necessary component for forensic scientists and also for people who, due to their daily tasks (security guards, patrol police, community watchers, etc.) can be exposed to different kinds of crime scenes (i.e. robberies, suicides, homicides, car accidents, fires, among others). Thereby, becoming the first link in the criminal investigation chain. As established by current international forensic literature, the fact that the “first responder” to a crime scene has knowledge of other investigation chain participants, could change to course of the investigation. This means greater possibilities of successful resolutions of cases under investigation.

Our goal is to show that language must no longer be an impediment to access to the latest advances and knowledge in Forensics. Therefore, True Forensic Science offers courses totally online in English, Spanish and/or subtitled Eng/Span. Our online training covers different areas of Forensic Science such as:

-Crime Scene Investigation

-Forensic Anthropology & Microanthropology

-Forensic Taphonomy

-Medicolegal Death Investigation

-Mass Disaster Operations

among others

One of True Forensic Science’s training advantages is that there is not need for students to abandon their daily tasks to attend classes. All training is 100% online and available every week 24/7. Training is offered by American experts and translated into different languages. True Forensic Science also offers direct email contact with the instructors for more personalized and customized training.

At the end of the training cycle, all students receive a certificate of completion and approval.