TFS’s Science Director Donates a Copy of His Book to UNAM’s Anthropological Investigations Institute

                                                                      Mr. Carlos A. Gutierrez at the Anthropological Investigations Institute

                            Mr. Gutierrez at “Juan Comas” Library with Mtra. Rosa Espejel Nieto, Mtra. Alicia Cervantes Cruz,
                                   and Lilia Escocia Hernández


During a trip to Mexico City, TFS’s Science Director Mr. Carlos Gutierrez was invited to participate as a speaker in a forensic conference. As a token of his appreciation, Mr. Gutierrez took the opportunity on June 22, 2017 to donate a copy of his textbook, “Manual de Introducción a la Microantropología Forense: Técnica de Preparación y Análisis Comparativo de Fragmentos Óseos Humanos y No Humanos” to the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). The person in charge of the “Discard, Exchange and Donation Area”, Mtra. Rosa Espejel Nieto, received the textbook on behalf of UNAM’s “Juan Comas” Library.  The purpose of this donation was to introduce the students and faculty of UNAM’s Anthropological Investigations Institute to a new field of study called Forensic Microanthropology. This new learning material proposes to encourage the students and faculty to learn more about this incipient area of study that can change what we know about human identification.


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