TFS Academy – Seminars & Workshops

True Forensic Science offers actualized Seminars & Workshops in several areas of Forensic Science provided by experienced and certified instructors. This allows private and public institutions to keep their scientists and professionals at the forefront of the latest techniques and developments in Forensics.

True Forensic Science’s main objective is to offer not only advanced but also basic knowledge related to different areas of Forensic Sciences. Our seminars and workshops provide the possibility of acquiring knowledge directly from experts in the Forensic field who currently work at different Universities and Agencies in the United States. In addittion, our experts are part of important international forensic associations such as American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) and The International Association for Identification (IAI), which accredit their expertise in the subjects they teach.

The knowledge gained from our seminar and workshops is an essential and necessary component not only for Forensic Agencies, but also for institutions whose workers (security guard companies, law enforcement agencies, communities, etc.) can be exposed to different kinds of crime scenes (i.e. robberies, suicides, homicides, car accidents, fires) and become the first link in the criminal investigation chain. Thus, as established by current international forensic literature, the fact that the “first responder” to a crime scene has knowledge of the other investigation chain participants, means that he/she can change the course of the investigation and provides, possibilities of successful resolutions of the cases.

Our goal is to be a real option for those public and private institutions that require personalized training for their workers/professionals in situ that will make their agencies/institutions more competitive in today’s demanding world. Our seminars and workshops cover different areas of Forensic Science such as:

-Forensic Laboratory Management


-Forensic Anthropology & Microanthropology

-Forensic Biology

-Forensic Entomology

-Crime Scene Investigation

-Cyber Crime

-Mass Disaster Operations

The theme and subjects of True Forensic Science’s seminars and workshops are based on the needs of today’s science and the social reality of today’s world. True Forensic Science also offers institutions and/or Governments access to seminars and workshops developed to meet their particular needs.

At the end of each seminar or workshop, all students receive a certificate showing successful completion.